ares-cl-lrgWhat is ARES?

ARES is an acronym for Amateur Radio Emergency Service. ARES is organized by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). The ARRL is the national membership association for Amateur Radio operators. Today, the ARES provides the organization and guidance to help amateur radio operators to establish a local emergency communications group. Emergency Coordinators work with local government agencies such as police, fire, sheriff, search and rescue and offices of emergency management to determine what emergency or disaster auxiliary communications needs exist.

Although the primary purpose of the ARES is to provide emergency communications, ARES members also routinely provide non-business communications support to other public events.

For more information about ARES, read this article:

ARRL ARES Manual:ARES Manual May 21 2015

For more information about ARES in Bernalillo County and New Mexico, visit the other links on this page or contact the ARES Bernalillo County District Emergency Coordinator (DEC). Please click on the Contacts web page for that contact information. Thank you.