ARES Repeaters

Bernalillo County ARES Repeaters

The Bernalillo County Office of Emergency Management has installed three amateur radio repeaters for ARES use to provide emergency communication. These are open repeaters that can be used by any licensed amateur radio operator.

Name Location Output Frequency Input Frequency Input CTCSS Name
BC-ARES North County Fire Station #35 145.130 Mhz 144.530 Mhz 100 Hz BC-ARES North
BC-ARES West County Fire Maintenance Yard 442.050 Mhz 447.050 Mhz 100 Hz BC-ARES West
BC-ARES East Cedro Peak 145.150 Mhz 144.550 Mhz 100 Hz BC-ARES East

Other Repeaters and Simplex Frequencies

Bernalillo County ARES also uses other repeaters and simplex frequencies depending on operational needs. BC ARES members and ARES field organization officials from other New Mexico counties may request a list of the repeaters used by BC ARES.

Propagation Maps

The picture above shows the location of the three Bernalillo County ARES repeaters in addition to an overlaid propagation prediction for the VHF BC-ARES North repeater.

If you would like to explore the propagation map shown above as well as for the other repeaters regularly used by Bernalillo County ARES, download and Unzip this file:


This file contains a KML file and images of the propagation maps. You will need Google Earth to explore these maps. These propagation maps use the color scale shown below.