Weekly Net

Weekly ARES Net

You do not need to be a member to participate in the Bernalillo County ARES weekly net on local 2 meter (and one 70 cm UHF) repeaters.  This net is held every Thursday evening (excluding legal holidays) at 19:00 (7:00 PM) local time. This net is for the passing of ARES information and instructions, for equipment testing and for training.  All ARES members and any other interested amateur radio operators are invited and welcome to join the net.

For this net, the following repeaters are used:

Bernalillo County ARES repeaters:

  • 145.13 MHz repeater output or transmit (your radio’s receive) frequency, -600 kHz offset, 100 Hz tone
  • 145.15 MHz repeater output or transmit (your radio’s receive) frequency, -600 kHz offset, 100 Hz tone
  • 442.050 MHz repeater output or transmit (your radio’s receive) frequency, +5 MHz offset, 100 Hz tone)

These repeaters are permanently linked.

Net Control Stations (NCS) may operate the net from home and from any location where they can access any of the repeaters. We also encourage NCS to operate their nets from the ARES station located at the Bernalillo County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on Second Street in Albuquerque, in addition to various mobile and portable locations wherever they can access one of the repeaters. (Contact your ARES Emergency Coordinator for the EOC if you need access).

Especially to assist new NCS, an operating guide/ template and role call list for the weekly net are available below. (Experienced NCS may vary the net format to demonstrate net operating procedures typical of those used during an incident, and or for other relevant training purposes.) The net guide is an Adobe Acrobat file. Two versions of the roll call list is available, an Acrobat file and an MS Word file. If you have MS Word, you can fill in the form online with the list of check-ins and email within two days to your ARRL District Emergency Coordinator and also to the Emergency Coordinator for the EOC after the net. If you use the Acrobat file, please get the net log within two days after the net, to your DEC and EC via any means possible. If the net is on either of the last two days of the month, please get the net report to the DEC and EC as soon as possible the evening of the net because they have to include that log at the end of the month, in monthly reports to the NM Section Emergency Coordinator and to others.

Click to download the Net Guide in PDF format:   BC_ARES-Net-Guide-Rev_2018_02_02

Click to download the Net Roster and Log form in Word format:  YEAR_MO_DAY_BC-ARES_Net_Roster-Log_Rev_2018_02_02

Here is the Net Roster and Log form in PDF format:  YEAR_MO_DAY_BC-ARES_Net_Roster-Log_Rev_2018_02_02

During a crisis when lives and property are at risk, is no time to learn on the job. Contact a Bernalillo County ARES Emergency Coordinator (see Contact Information on this website) to schedule a net date to be a Net Control Station. We need everyone to serve as Net Control Station at least twice each year though you are encouraged to be NCS more regularly than that. When disaster strikes, it is important to be trained and experienced so you are ready and able to manage and control whatever the disaster presents to you. At any time you may have only moments to make decisions and act to save lives. Are you ready now? If not, train and practice. If yes, keep training and practicing.